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File Manager: Review, approve, and maintain workpapers seamlessly

Are you struggling to find old workpapers or their evidence of review? Try File Manager – your ultimate solution for retaining, organizing, and approving all your accounting and finance working papers.

As accountants, we understand the challenges you face. That’s why we have designed File Manager. It is a centralized hub, facilitating effective collaboration while ensuring compliance with financial control requirements.  With File Manager, you can:

Simplify collaboration by retaining important documentation in a central location.

No more time wasted on searching through numerous shared folders on the VPN or sifting through stacks of paperwork. File Manager allows team members to easily access, review, and contribute to documents.


Ensure compliance with financial controls by providing and documenting timely reviews and signoffs.

Managers can provide their feedback, review workpapers, and signoff on them in a timely manner, ensuring every action is transparent and traceable. This robust documentation not only maintains control but also serves as a clear demonstration of your firm's commitment to financial compliance.

Provide working papers to your auditors in a time-efficient and compliant format.


Your workpapers are always ready for audit, in a compliant format that can be transferred to your auditors quickly and securely. This streamlines your audit procedures, allowing you to provide the required documentation without any hassle or time-consuming searches. 

Get started with File Manager today!